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Franchise Entertainment Groupのキオスクでは、HF RFIDテクノロジーとBanyan Hills Technologyのソフトウェア、Canopyを使ったセルラー接続により、オーストラリアとニュージーランドで映画レンタルを行う約1,300軒のキオスクの管理を行っている。

Visibility White Papers

  • Strategies for Ensuring Integrity for Medical Tissues and Devices
    Published April 2016
    Recent advances in medical device technology, surgical procedures and tissue preservation are revolutionizing the health-care industry. However, this expanded capability requires an equally sophisticated system to track devices, prosthetics and tissues as they move through the supply chain; a mistake or shortfall can have serious consequences. Terso Solutions's Joe Pleshek explains how RFID technologies can offer near-real-time item-level visibility, safely and securely. (9 pages)
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