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RFID Journal covers RFID pharmaceutical technologies and applications, which enable companies to track drugs, populate pedigrees with data, reduce counterfeiting and achieve supply chain efficiencies.


リストバンド技術のメーカーであるサトー (SATO) が、同社の新製品がペースメーカーをはじめとする医療用機器に影響を与えず、患者にとっても快適で、効率的な管理に役立つことを明らかにするため、病院と協力してテストを進めている。

Pharmaceutical White Papers

  • RFID for Pharmacy Tag Report
    Published December 2014
    Radio frequency identification is becoming a common topic in pharmacy automation conversations. Kit Check has been testing RFID tags for years to identify which work best in pharmacy settings, and has published its findings in this document. The report includes scientific tag test results, a discussion of what to look for in an RFID tag, and how to avoid common implementation mistakes. (17 pages)
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