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This section includes articles about RFID technology, such contactlesss smart cards and key fobs, are used to facilitate fast, secure payments and engender customer loyalty.


Connect&GOとMobeewaveが提供するこのシステムは、今週開催された「South By Southwest」(サウス・バイ・サウスウエスト)フェスティバルのQuebec Sugar Shackにおいて、NFCリストバンド、クレジットカードまたはデビットカードによるドリンクの購入に使用された。すべての決済方法において、同じモバイルPOSデバイスを用いて読取りが行われた。

Payment Systems White Papers

  • NFC Non-Payment Use Cases
    Published January 2016
    Contactless payment is the most prominent use case of Near Field Communication (NFC) technology in mobile devices. But NFC also enables other non-payment use cases that are not as well known. This white paper, developed by the Smart Card Alliance Mobile and NFC Council, highlights non-payment use cases that must secure some form of user credential, and that have real-world implementations that illustrate the technology's benefits in different markets. (38 pages)
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