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Franchise Entertainment Groupのキオスクでは、HF RFIDテクノロジーとBanyan Hills Technologyのソフトウェア、Canopyを使ったセルラー接続により、オーストラリアとニュージーランドで映画レンタルを行う約1,300軒のキオスクの管理を行っている。

Internet of Things White Papers

  • The Missing Link in Health Care
    Published September 2017
    Medical professionals constantly seek new and better treatments for acute and chronic conditions, but patients don't always stick to treatment plans. Vodafone explains how the Internet of Things can help to solve this problem, and how connected medical devices encourage patients to follow treatment plans by providing them and their care providers with individualized health data. (8 pages)
  • Demystifying IoT Cybersecurity
    Published September 2017
    The Internet of Things introduces new vulnerabilities across the entire ecosystem. Here's what you need to know and prepare for, courtesy of the IoT Cybersecurity Alliance.
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