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Zebra Technologiesは、2022年までにメーカーの60%以上がRTLSやRFID、バーコード追跡を使用しているだろうという。

同社の「2017 Manufacturing Vision Study(メーカー展望研究2017)」は、メーカー全体の半数以上が今後5年間に自動位置追跡システムの実装を計画しており、パッシブ型RFIDの使用は半数近くになることを示している。

Internet of Things White Papers

  • The Impact of the IoT Demystified
    Published July 2017
    The Internet of Things is a modern-day buzzword expected to have a profound impact on society. But what is it, exactly? How will it be used and what impact will it have? Will it be helpful? Who will be the winners—and the losers? In this white paper, Qorvo's Cees Links provides an overview of what the IoT stands for and how it can have a strong impact on society. (8 pages)
  • Why PKI Matters for the IIoT
    Published May 2017
    The Industrial Internet of Things can transform manufacturing, transportation, power generation and other industries with greater automation, new services and more efficient resource allocation. These advancements depend on data generated by IIoT devices now being built and deployed. But the potential cannot be realized if the data produced by the devices cannot be trusted, and that requires stronger security. Icon Labs' Alan Grau and Dave West discuss the role of Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), a set of technologies and services for managing the authentication of computer systems. (6 pages)
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