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スピーカーをはじめとするオーディオ機器のメーカーは、Wi-Fi自動接続やBluetoothのペアリングができるようなNFC機能付き製品の開発を急いでおり、またユーザーが家庭やさまざまな施設でIoT (モノのインターネット) に組み込んで使うことのできるBLEメッシュ機能の搭載も進めている。

BLE White Papers

  • The Ultimate Guide to Bluetooth Beacons
    Published January 2017
    This guide, presented by, provides a comprehensive overview of beacon technology, along with information to help users better understand how beacons can benefit businesses and customers. The document discusses a mobile platform designed to locate, interact with and optimize workers and assets at shopping malls, train stations, corporate campuses, airports, hospitals and stadiums. (17 pages)
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