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RFID Journal covers the role RFID is playing at Boeing, Airbus, commercial airlines and the U.S. Department of Defense, as well as in tracking assets and ensuring homeland security.

ロンドンの空港がブルートゥースローエナジー無線標識 (BLE Beacons) を使用した近接型アプリを実現

Pointr Labsによるロンドン、ガトウィック空港の2,000個のブルートゥースローエナジー (BLE) 無線標識が、乗客と空港の職員の電話に送信することにより、空港、航空会社、店舗は、乗客にフライトを案内したり、近くの店舗のプロモーションを提供したり、コールに応答するスタッフに場所のデータを提供するアプリを構築できる。

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Aerospace White Papers

  • Baggage-Handling Models That Can Help the Implementation of IATA Resolution 753
    Published February 2016
    Resolution 753 regarding airline baggage tracking will go into effect in June 2018, mandating that all IATA members maintain an accurate inventory of luggage by monitor¬ing its acquisition and delivery. Beumer Group's Kim Madsen discusses the resolution's aim, what it means for airlines and airports, how RFID and other technologies can be implemented, the minimum requirements, physical challenges and more. (4 pages)
  • Choosing the Optimum Architecture for UWB RTLS
    Published June 2013
    Real-time locating systems (RTLS) operating in the ultra-wideband domain are becoming more common in many applications, ranging from automated student attendance verification to tool tracking for major aircraft manufacturers. UWB offers many attributes enabling it to provide new capabilities not possible with traditional RTLS technology. Zebra Technologies explains how the choice of UWB RTLS architecture can impact a user's ability to achieve a solid return on investment. (6 pages)
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