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STマイクロエレクトロニクス (STMicroelectronics) によるST53Gのデザインにより、バッテリー駆動の腕時計やデバイスのメーカーは、非接触型決済やその他の近距離無線通信技術 (NFC) 機能を自社の製品に組み込むことが可能になる

NFC White Papers

  • An NFC Pairing Mechanism for RF Remote Controls
    Published September 2017
    The primary mechanism for communication between remote controls and set-top boxes has been infrared. Newer technologies like RF and BLE provide many benefits over this legacy technology, resulting in increased reliability, such as working at greater distances and not requiring a line of sight. In this paper, Gautam Babbar and Braden Flowers outline a unique solution to pair an RF remote with a target utilizing Near Field Communication tags. (4 pages)
  • NFC Forum–ISO/IEC 14443 Analog Parameter Comparison and Alignment: Methodology, Procedures and Results
    Published April 2017
    This white paper compares analog parameter limits between the NFC Forum and ISO/IEC 14443 RFID standards. For each parameter limit, an associated procedure is defined, written in such a way that an experienced engineer can repeat the procedure and measure similar results. (148 pages)
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