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ロシャンボーのジャケットBright BMBRは、EVRYTHNG社スマート製品プラットフォームを用いて開発したエイブリィ・デニソンRBIS製のJanelaソリューションを使った最初の商品であり、RFIDやNFC、バーコードのラベルによって商品に知性を加えることができる。

NFC White Papers

  • NFC-enabled e-Ticketing in Public Transport: Clearing the Route to Interoperability
    Published January 2017
    The NFC Forum's Transport Special Interest Group explains how the growing global use of smartphones and other mobile devices offers an opportunity for the public transport industry to better serve customers and manage increasing demand, by ensuring that the millions of contactless readers and billions of smart cards deployed by public transport operators work seamlessly with the millions of NFC-enabled devices in the marketplace. (14 pages)
  • What’s the Difference Between RFID and NFC?
    Published December 2016
    Radio frequency identification and Near Field Communication are two closely related global wireless communication technologies used for a variety of applications, including access control, asset tracking and contactless payments. Both RFID and NFC technologies provide one-way communication and the ability to communicate without a direct line of sight. Jadak explains the significant differences between the two. (2 pages)
    Tags: NFC
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